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Our Optometry Web Rx.

The optical industry is in a unique position. While prospective patients need vision correction, style remains a primary motivator in guiding them to your practice. As an optometrist or ophthalmologist, you provide quality care by empowering your patients with options. Offering a diverse range of frames and corrective alternatives has the benefit of guiding your patients to be their best while practicing great style.

Similarly, when it comes to medical marketing, online viewers prefer stylish, easy-to-navigate websites. BoomKABOOM Studio produces design-forward deliverables. While navigating your contemporary new website, patients will have greater access to helpful information like: registration, forms, FAQs, insurance and patient information, billing, and scheduling.

Now Let’s Talk Features.

The Web Rx. Boom for Optometry.

  • Initial copy, creative content, and SEO strategy.
  • Professional headshots, team shots, environmental photography, and curated photography throughout your website.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Separate provider portal and patient portal login extensions.
  • Geo-specific, local marketing.
  • Versatile contact forms.
  • Easily shareable, SM, events, blog, and news section.
  • Drift powered live-chat optional feature.
  • Easy navigation throughout your website.
  • Website analytics.
  • Online bill payment.
  • HIPAA compliant email service setup.

Real Talk.

BoomKABOOM Delivers.

BoomKABOOM Studio delivers exceptional medical marketing services to best fit your practice. Our goal is to make scheduling and communicating with your office desirable, easy, and immediate. It’s really that simple. We’re prepared to give you a beautiful website that inspires your viewers to take action. Our experience in positioning small practice optometry and ophthalmology brands for digital success means that you’ll benefit from both our analytical, SEO driven strategy and our creative, user-driven design approach. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have a new website that truly reflects the heart of your mission. And we promise you this, your patients will appreciate it.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

It can be said that a good website will pay for itself. Your website should be generating revenue or new business for your practice. Let’s turn those online viewers into real-time patients. Connect with us to explore the ways your website can start facilitating new patient relationships and provider partnerships. We’re eager to transform your virtual waiting area so that you can focus on the important stuff…like making the world a healthier place.


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