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BoomKABOOM Studio is a brand and design consultancy located in Austin, TX and serving clients around the world. We are dedicated to digitally empowering small practice physicians and medical professionals. From brand identity, to digital marketing, and printed collateral, our experts rise above the small practice medical marketing demands of modern media culture.

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BoomKABOOM is here to challenge the notion that medical websites should look sterile and professional without feeling personable. Offering instead, a new, more inviting alternative to growing your digital community.

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 Our Process:

The BoomKABOOM Experience.

Our process is streamlined for simplicity. We’re dedicated to making your website experience comfortable and efficient from start-to-finish.

1. Starting with discussion.

Grab your coffee, because we are about to get real. Starting with getting to know each other, we quickly establish a project chemistry. Ensuring that our team is the best fit for your practice is important to us. We will spend time clearly defining project requirements up-front to help save time and hassle later once we have entered the thick of design and development. Prioritizing quick turnaround times and sharp deadlines keeps your project moving full speed ahead. From the beginning, we work together to establish signature-approval checkpoints and a timeline for development and delivery of all project features.

Together, we work to define your brand’s core demographic, values, products, programs, services, and any other content necessary to provide your clients with their best experience. We will define a strategy of how to reach them, as well as better serve them. We will also discuss any necessary integrations of 3rd-party services and special functionality such as e-commerce, subscriptions, and online billing.

  • Gather technical requirements
  • Identify success criteria
  • Define all medical design templates and content needs
  • Define development + delivery timeline

2. Info Architecture + Identity

Now’s the time to gather all existing content and strategize anything that needs to be created. By further defining the target demographic, we can create a calculated SEO strategy. Our designers are experts in embodying clean and welcoming design fitting modern aesthetics, and are endlessly creative when it comes to branding. We offer an on-site photography and videography service, which we will fit into your schedule.

After building a comprehensive sitemap and wire-framing the structure and layouts, we begin filling the site.

  • Gather + create content
  • Define branding requirements + preferences
  • Create sitemap + SEO strategy
  • Build structure + wireframe of all layouts

3. Development + Delivery

Development is segmented by itemized short sprints, allowing our team to work swiftly. We believe in beautiful simplicity, minimizing plugins and libraries to provide quick load times and eliminate security vulnerabilities. All of our page structures are reworked to support the overall SEO strategy and graded against algorithms to ensure best practices are employed.

After thorough testing, we will review all of the site’s components with you prior to launch. We will address any concerns or requested revisions, and together we will publish an experience we can each take pride in.


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